Monday, June 17, 2013

Moving Tips

As mentioned in a previous post my boyfriend and I move in t-minus two weeks. We found our apartment two weeks ago so I will have had four weeks total to prep, pack and move. I have done a lot of research to find the best moving tips to make our transition as easy and stress free as possible.

Tip #1: Purge

Grab some trash bags and try to get rid of as much as possible. You want to start with a fresh start when you move into your new place. You also do not want to waste time moving junk! Moving day is going to be a lot of work, don't make it harder on yourself. If you can, donate the items that others can put to good use. I currently live on a busy street. On several occasions I have put a piece of furniture at the end of the driveway and within hours someone has already driven by and taken it. I am always so appreciative of the good finds I find while thrifting so because of that, I try to pay it forward and donate as much as I can.

Tip #2: Make a Traveling Moving Head Quarters

Put all of your packing supplies in one place that you can tote with you as you pack. It seriously is the best tip I found (I tried to find the original source with this brilliant idea but I couldn't find it!). I made sure to put packing tape, duct tape, scissors, labels, and sharpies in my basket. Make this even easier and get retractable sharpies so you do not have to worry about finding the cap.

Tip #3: Create a Key

I saw this advice on a lot of blogs. Make yourself a moving key.

Then place the matching colored labels on every box and piece of furniture you are having moved. It will save everyone so much time. No one will have to wait for you to ask "Where do you want me to put this?" I made two identical signs. One will be placed in the moving truck and another at the entrance of the apartment. I know this may seem like a redundant task if I am already labeling boxes with where to place the boxes but many items are not in boxes and I cannot easily place duct tape on them to label them (I fear the adhesive may not come off nicely). The colored stickers should help with that. 


Do not simply write "Kitchen" on your box. That is the location of where you want your box placed. Somewhere else on the box you need to make a list of everything that is in that box. This way, if you need to unpack slowly you can pick and choose high priority boxes to unpack first depending on what you need.


  1. Great suggestions. Thank you! Especially like the basket idea.

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  4. Chelsea, good luck on your new career path. The fact that you're already creating this blog & subing to get your feet wet tells me that you'll do great. My family just moved to Hamilton; husband's a dentist and is starting his practice there. I hope our kids end up with a teacher like you. Keep it up!

  5. These really are great tips. I love the color coding ideas.
    I have some additional ones, if you don't mind me sharing.
    -- I use large (gallon sized) Ziploc bags when moving--for the contents of drawers and all of the weird odd and ends that we all accumulate.
    --If you have kids, pack a box for each one that has their immediate needs in it: bed linens, comfort items ,maybe a new book...
    --My MOM'S tip (used for moves all over the world):Purchase some inexpensive. glass beer mugs for the movers and frost them in the freezer. Let them drink their water or soda in them during the day, but be sure to tell them that they can take them when they leave. A bigger winner w/young guys!

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