Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Little Time Savers for Little Students

When working with first grade you need to utilize every second you have to maximize learning and practice time for your little ones. If you have your students complete journal entries daily or weekly you may want to try this little time saver.

Here is what the cover of the journals look like.


Apologies for the blurriness! Print out journal prompts on sticky labels, enough for every child to have it placed on their journal page. 

Then stick them at the top of the next clean journal page for each student. 

This will give your students much more time to write their responses. Students wont be looking back up at the board and down at their journal a hundred times and they wont waste time writing out the question on their paper. After all, you want to be assessing what they are creating on the paper, not how well they can copy a question that is written on the board. 

Happy Journaling!