Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What's In My Gym Bag?

When I am not snowed in, I do go to the gym. I have found that when I pack a bag in the morning and put it in my car, my chances of going to the gym that day after work double. Packing the right items can help with your gym-going success. I think we all know what it's like the moment we arrive to the gym WITHOUT our headphones!!!! Ahh the horror! Here is a complete list of what I consider my gym bag essentials:

1. Gym Clothes

My gym uniform consists of athletic leggings, a loose fitted tank or a Hanes v-neck white undershirt, sports bra, socks, and sneakers.

My favorite places to buy inexpensive and long lasting gym attire:
Old Navy : They run 40% off sales on all active-wear a few times a year. That is definitely your chance to strike
Target : I love Target sports bras. At the end of season sales, look for their sports bras. You can easily find them on sale for $6-$7.
Marshalls & Tj Maxx : You can name brand active-wear at really affordable prices

My favorite go-to socks:

Is is weird to have a favorite brand of socks? Hanes No Show Socks are it for me.

 I love to wear these headbands at the gym. They don't slip, they don't squeeze my head, and they don't crease my hair. That's a quality headband! A pack of 4 is only about five dollars. Affordable too!

***I found tiny travel containers at target to hold my jewelry so it doesn't get lost or tangled at the bottom of my gym bag. 

2. Music
Of course, I bring my iphone and that has my music on it. I use basic, inexpensive ear-bud headphones.


I recently started using an armband to place my iPhone in. I was given it as a gift and while I understood the concept, I thought it would be really annoying and I would fiddle with it. However, I really like the Nathan armband I have. It is super stretchy and is very comfortable. You can still manipulate the iPhone screen behind whatever that plastic shield is made out of.

  3. Water Bottle
Find one that will fit in a cup holder. If it fits in a cup holder, it will fit in most gym equipment.

4. Reading material, sometimes.
If I am doing weights, I won't bring something to read. If I am doing cardio, like the elliptical or stair master, then I might bring a book. Especially with all of the reading that goes a long with a grad class, I like to kill two birds and get my reading assignments and fitness done at the same time!