Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Moving Day Recap!

The boxes have been moved, mirrors have been hung, and the aches and pains in my legs are finally gone. We've moved into our apartment. It went so smoothly. A lot of it had to do with the tips I posted here. Preparing for a move and actually moving are two separate things. Here are some things that helped me on moving day that wasn't in the previous "moving tips" post

1. If your friends are helping have them come in shifts. This may work out without you having to really schedule anything due to people having lives and all. I had a lot of help in the morning with getting boxes up to the third floor (no elevator here ladies and gentlemen!). I had three friends plus me to do this. With their help and three cars, we had all boxes in the apartment by noon (we started bringing boxes in around 9:45-10ish, not bad eh?!). We rented a UHaul and Dave (boyfriend) and his brother filled it with all the furniture and were responsible for bringing Uhaul contents up to the apartment. The reason why I didn't just have all boxes and furniture in the Uhaul together was that I thought it would become a bottle neck and slow the process down. I could just imagine everyone grabbing things from the Uhaul while furniture was trying to be brought it. It seemed crazy to me. Most of the boxes were moved into the new place while the furniture was being loaded into the truck from our old place and a storage unit I had holding a lot of my furniture. By the time we were done with the boxes, the Uhaul was at the apartment ready to unload. We never really crossed paths and weren't in each other's way.
      My mom came half way through the move, she was especially helpful in placing the furniture in places that made sense. Having someone come in with fresh eyes and who isn't exhausted from moving for four hours already will help keep moral up. She was probably an HGTV star in a previous life so she came in and sprinkled her magic design dust.

That's her doing her "leveling" work

Find a pizza place and order pizzas for everyone. I made sure to buy a case of waters too. The last thing you need is a dehydrated friend passing out on you. We ended up with too much pizza but I would have rather that scenario than people being left hungry and being put to work. We were able to give Dave's dad an entire pizza to take home with him. Consider buying some gift cards ahead of time to hand out to people you have asked to help as an added thank you. Another idea would be to pay for their meal the next time you are out with them.

3. Do some prep work at the apartment the night before, if you can.

We signed our lease on a Friday after work and prepped to move Saturday morning. After we signed the lease, I filled the apartment with some necessities. Toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, paper plates, advil, band-aids. I also brought in bags that I had prepped the week of. 
-  a bathroom cleaning supply bag (don't forget the plunger) with a shower curtain and liner
-  a kitchen cleaning supply bag
-  a bag of command hooks, scissors, extension cords, surge protectors, box cutter

This helped save me an errand in the morning knowing all of this stuff was already in the apartment and placed in appropriate spots. 

4. Stay calm. 

Don't stress especially if you have friends helping you. At the end of the day, you want them to still be your friends. Things may not go the way you planned and their may be kinks but just keep your eyes on the final result.

Light bulb problems...not the worst thing in the world.

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