Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Favorite App: Do!

I love lists. I have note pads everywhere, on my fridge, on my night stand, and in my phone. I keep several different running lists on the Notes app on my ipone. I keep a wish list, you know, in case someone hands me a bunch of money and I have no clue what to spend it on. I have a "Apartment Wants & Needs" list, "Projects I want to do" list and the list goes on and on. I use the Do! app for my lists of things I need to accomplish in my day to day life.

The app is free by the way and cute! Do! really lets you personalize. Below are some screen shots of what you can Do! (hah) with this app.

I love being able to flag each item with different colored digital tape!

 You can even set an alarm to remind you of certain tasks.

 This is my horrible attempt at showing you that you can slide items up or down. After you have made your lists you may want to change the order, this app lets you do that.

Below is what it will look like when you are searching your app store. While I was looking for the app to show you the screen I also came across a new version of the app! I downloaded it and it seems pretty much the same expect the digital tape looks more like washi tape. It's so stinking cute I could have squealed when I found it. 

I should probably state that Do! has no idea who I am. I am just a huge fan of cute and organized.

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