Monday, March 4, 2013

A Teaching Portfolio

What is a teaching portfolio?
A teaching portfolio is a collection highlighting your work and qualifications.

Why create one?
A teaching portfolio will allow you to present yourself and your work in a professional way. You will look super prepared and organized in any interview.

What are the ways to create a portfolio?
1. Traditional binder with dividers.
This is how I chose to create mine. Details will be at the end of the post. This can really show your creativity depending on how you design your portfolio.

2. Upload one onto a flash drive. I like the idea of downloading them onto CD's that you can leave with your interviewers. You will most likely not want to hand out flash drives and leave them with every person who interviews you. 

I have not tried this venue yet but it looks very interesting. You upload all of you documents onto this site and you can have other people view your portfolio from the website. This seems like a neat idea and will show your technical abilities.

This website is specifically directed towards teachers and creating their portfolio

Now here is the cover of my portfolio and the table of contents:

It is hard to see but I have it divided out:
- Resume
- Certification, Praxis Score Report, Clearances
- Transcripts
- Letters of Recommendations, Certificates
- Evaluations
- Instruction and Assessment

I also made sure to include student work. This is a picture of the class I student taught with their adjective picture frames.

It is a time consuming process to create your portfolio but worth it. It will no doubt leave a lasting impression on those who interview you.

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