Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Classrooms, More Ideas

I have seen this concept in a few classrooms I have stepped into. 

These displays accomplish four things:
1. Display the students' names
2. Display the students' numbers.  If you assign each child a number (the first student at the top of your alphabetized roster is 1 and the last student is the last number). It can make alphabetizing MUCH easier if you have your students write their number on all of their assignments. 
3. Display students' jobs and makes it easy to swap and switch.
4. Display students' work.

A vocabulary word wall:

Students are always very excited to find one of their vocabulary words in a book they are reading. Instead of having student after student come up to your desk. Make these stars (or any shape) accessible to your students. Give them a format on how to fill them out and display them on a wall. Watch the wall grow....ooh grow - there is a thought...maybe a vocabulary tree!

Whatever you choose your students will be so excited to be a part of it.

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