Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Tile Coasters

This DIY project is easy and cheap. The beauty of this project is that is doesn't look easy OR cheap!

First, you will want to gather your  materials.
  •  Mod Podge
  • - Paint brush
  • - Tiles
    • I got my tiles at Lowes for 18 cents EACH!
  • Scrapbook paper
    • This is where you can really personalize your coasters. You can coordinate your scapbook paper selections with the decor of the room you are putting them in, favorite colors, sport's teams, and on and on and on.
  • Exacto knife or scissors
  •  Felt Floor Protectors
    • These will go on the underside of the tiles to prevent scratching. I bought mine at Target's dollar spot. They have adhesive on the bottom like a sticker. 


Start Crafting!

1. Cut scrapbook paper to fit your tiles. 

 2. Paint a coat of mod podge on the tile and place paper over tile. Let dry (3-5 minutes, it doesn't take long)

3. Paint a few coats over the scrapbook paper to create a seal. Make sure to paint the sides of the tile too so the paper doesn't warp and peel off. 

4. Place floor protectors on bottoms of tiles.

Presto! You have beautiful expensive looking coasters!

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