Monday, May 27, 2013

The Nanny Series: Part 3: Personal Nanny Bag

Thanks for joining me for part 3 of The Nanny Series. Today's post is about YOU. You will want to make yourself a bag of belongings to keep at your employers house.

This isn't the best picture so I will list off what I have in my bag and why.

  • Sweatpants and sweatshirt
    • Yes, the summer is hot but sometimes with the a/c running in a home it can get too cold. When I am working in the summer I am usually in spandex work out capris and a tank top. When I am indoors it can get chilly. I can throw my sweatpants over my leggings and be comfortable.
  • Change of clothes
    • You never know when you will get rained on, painted on, puked on, or completely sweat through your clothes. (All four have happened to me) A nanny's day is long so you want to feel clean and dry. 
  • First-aid items
    • band-aids, Advil, Pepto tablets, Tums. You want to be comfortable all day and you never know if your employer will be out of something you need. Make sure you have the back ups. 
  • Lady products
    • You could run out of tampons/pads from your regular supply in your purse at any time. You DO NOT want to be stuck in this situation. 
  • Hair Products
    • I pack with me bobby pins, headbands, and hair ties. Like I've said before, the summer is HOT. You may need to pull your hair back. You may even break a hair tie so you will want these extras with you. 
  • Make up supplies
    • You may sweat off your make up and want to reapply. That doesn't make you vain! You may get caught in a water gun fight and now have mascara running down your face. Keep make up remover wipes and some touch up make up with you. 
Keep all of these items in a fun bag that you will keep at your employer's house and in a safe place. This is not the same as your every day purse you will have with you. These are all back up emergency items to help keep your day running smoothly.

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