Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DIY: Wall Art

This past weekend was DIY time. I helped my friend, Rachael enhance the wall behind her bed. See her room come together here.

We started day 1 with shopping. We bought most of the frames at our local Goodwill. All the frames came under $20!!!

If you attempt this project remember to check the back of your frames! You may need to add some brackets in order to hang them.

We bought fun letters, words, and shapes to add to this wall "collage" from Michael's. We then placed everything on her bed to play with the arrangement and decide what frames should be painted what.

Then we added the next layer, the scrapbook paper.

Don't forget to grab something to eat.

Remember, you can always bedazzle!


Having a cutting mat and an exacto knife will make cutting your paper a lot more precise and quick.
Tips and Resources:
** Choosing the right glues can make or break a project. There is nothing worse than gluing something, waiting for it to dry, and it falls right off!

Frame Hanging Trick! <<Wish I saw this earlier!

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