Monday, June 10, 2013

The End of My First Year

It is hard to believe I made it! I did an entire school year of substitute teaching. There were many ups and downs. I learned SO much about children, myself, and teaching.

- I learned that students really do crave routine. Many classes were completely thrown off just to have me in the room, especially little kindergarteners.
- I learned the importance of creating lasting professional relationships. The more teachers that saw me in their school the more comfortable they felt requesting me to sub for them. It was also nice creating relationships so I could see a friendly face while walking down the halls without feeling like an outsider.
- As seen on my blog, I have soaked up everything I see in classrooms. Even with the teacher absent I was able to understand a teacher's teaching and management styles.

I had some really fun moments. I was reminded how important it is to remember that kids need to be kids.

This picture is when I subbed in a fourth grade classroom for two days. The wing where their classroom was was about to be demolished for a new wing to be built. Their teacher was there both days, moving things out of her classroom. I was there to be with her kids. She decided to let the children write all over the walls on there last day. I saw so much joy on the children's faces. This was something they would never forget.

I was chosen to assist students in a learning support classroom take their state standardized test for two weeks. The other few subs chosen and I also helped served breakfast to all test takers every morning. I was able to get a greater appreciation for all teachers AND all the staff that work in a school cafeteria. I had no idea all the work and order that goes into feeding a school. I also left with such an admiration for those students I worked with those two weeks.

I went on a screening interview and gained more experience and confidence when it comes to an interview.

This is possibly my favorite picture from my subbing experience this year. This was taken on my last day substituting. Students had an indoor recess due to some nasty rain. I was able to see how creative and motivated a student can be during a game of hide and seek in a small classroom.

I was able to sit through a lot of assemblies this year. My favorite was during a visiting author assembly. This is Herman Parish. He writes Amelia Bedelia books. His aunt Peggy Parish was the original author but he picked up where she left off after she passed away in 1988.

I met some great kids and while some days (a lot of days) were rough, the best days are at the front of my mind. I am now beginning my summer as a nanny for two girls. I am excited for what is to come.

So if you are wrapping up your year as a sub....

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