Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Online Class Organization

I've started going back to school for my masters back in August. This semester I will be taking an online class. There is no face to face interaction and all components are online. There will be a lot of readings and assignments and organization is key. If you are taking an online class now or in the near future keep reading for my tips to stay organized!

1. Get your materials ready!

Even though a class is online and all the documents I need are available online, I still like to have physical copies. I need to bring the classroom to me! This way no matter where I am, school, home, the gym, waiting room at the dentist, I have everything I need to get my tasks done. I like having the papers in my hand to mark up and highlight.

I set up a binder, printed out my syllabus and put each page in plastic page protectors. At the end of most semesters my syllabus is completely torn up and scribbled all over. I put the syllabus in the page protectors so I can write on the protectors with a dry erase marker. I think that will help keep me sane.

Yes, you're eyes are correct, that is a good old fashion pencil case! It holds a highlighter, pen, dry erase marker, and some post it notes.

2. Get your computer ready!

Aside from organizing the binder, I have also gone ahead and organized my computer for this class.

I have a folder in my documents designated to my class for the semester. In that folder are MORE folders. Each folder is labeled by a week in the course. I downloaded and put all of the required readings due for each week in their own folder. This will make it easier through out the course and save time each week searching for what I need to be reading.

3. Refer to your syllabus and portal often!

It can be very easy to forget what you have going on in an online class when you do not need to physically show up anywhere. Stay organized and on top of your online assignments. Time will slip away from you. Check whichever portal your school is using to facilitate your online class often! You may not always get email updates when something has been posted. You do not want to miss any important information!!! I like to make sure to check mine in the morning and in the evenings.

If you are taking 1, 2, or more classes on top of an already hectic teaching schedule, I salute you! It isn't easy but with proper time management and organization it can be done! Good luck to all starting their January classes!

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