Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Do's and Don'ts of Subbing: Part One

  • Don't arrive on time, arrive at least 15 minutes earlier. I don't know how many times I have gone to a school thinking I'll be teaching 2nd grade and I am moved to a 5th grade classroom and I have to run around the building looking for another teacher who is supposed to have the lesson plans for that day. You'll be happy to have that extra 15. 
  • Do leave a report of how your day went. Teachers want to know what was covered, where finished work was placed, and how the behavior of the class was. If the class was a nightmare, be gentle when you write your feedback. Try to write that note as if you were writing it to a parent about their child. Try to start and end with something positive. Or tell the teacher which students really stood out to you with good behavior. 
  • Do introduce yourself to the teachers in the rooms around you. I know the morning is hectic but you are letting those teachers know you are there and may need their help. They are more likely to check in with you through out the day if you have told them who you are. You also are more likely to have them ask you if you can sub for them. When you make a good impression, even a simple introduction it can put a teacher's mind at ease when considering you as their substitute. It puts a face to a name - always good. 
  • Don't leave without saying goodbye. Always stop into the front office. Ask if you need to sign out. Most times you don't but its a good way to get back into that office and have them see your face again. It's a great time to thank them for having you and wish them well. If you have a card with your sub information on it - now is the time to hand it to them. 
  • Don't ignore people in the hallways. Always walk with your head up, give eye contact, and smile. You may feel invisible in this new school but your face needs to be seen as many times as possible. People pay attention to your actions no matter where you are. 
  • Don't freak out. So many things happen in a day. You may get lost, you may get sick, you may lose someone or something. Take a deep breath. Take things seriously but try not to be on the edge of a nervous breakdown when you go seek help. Faculty and staff are there to help you through anything. Stuff happens - people will be impressed with how you handled yourself during a crisis
  • Do ask for help. No matter how big or how small. The longer you take to ask for help the more time you've wasted. Pick the appropriate person to ask for help. Don't call down to the office every time. Make the first person you ask the teachers next to you.
  • Do turn off all lights and technology in the room. ESPECIALLY projectors. The bulbs are very expensive. I've been in many schools and teachers and staff make a point to make sure those are turned off when they are not being used.

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  1. I've been subbing for about six years and your points are valid. Checking in with the office before you leave, even if you don't need to sign out has gotten me so many more jobs!