Sunday, August 11, 2013

Paper Plates for Days!

I'm really quite disappointed that I am just catching on to all the wonders and uses of paper plates. My summer of nannying is almost through and I could have done a paper plate craft EVERY DAY with all of the ideas I have found. Just search "Paper Plate Crafts" on Pinterest and you will be able to find a craft for almost anything you are teaching. For most of the ideas on the blog today, you will want to use the cheapest paper plates you can find (not styrofoam). These paper plates can be found at the dollar store as well. If you wouldn't trust the paper plate to hold your food, you've got the right paper plate!

Word Walls

Classroom Crashers from A Modern Teacher

Anchor chart display board
Source Unknown

Post a question (maybe of the week) and have students respond.

 Hanging Above Tables
Source Unknown

 Teaching Time


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