Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fabulous Steals

I walked out of Target yesterday feeling like I needed to high five someone.

Yes, Dora, like that. 

I snagged some great deals and I really felt like I was stealing. First, was the t-shirt sale. I am pretty sure it is going on all week. Mossimo Supply Co. tees and tanks are on sale for $5.

I bought three Mossimo scoop neck tees for $5 and another was $4 on the clearance rack. These scoop neck tshirts are so comfortable and soft. I now am the happy owner of eight of them. Basic scoop neck tshirts are comfy and easy to dress up or down. Perfect for a full day of teaching :)

Now, for the best steal of all. I recently fell in love with OPI's nail color, Cajun Shrimp.


The color is between coral and red. It is really a beautiful color. I came to Target prepared to spend the $8.99 but I decided to quickly go up and down isles to see if I could possibly find a cheaper match to this simply gorgeous color. GUESS WHAT!? I did!!!!

For $1.97, I bought NYC's color, Time Square (224). It is their quick dry polish line. It covers in one coat and dries almost instantly.


I am so overjoyed by all the savings at my trip to Target yesterday. My original price with the OPI polish and full price t-shirts would have run me $40. By changing my polish and taking advantage of this great sale I walked out spending only $20!

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