Monday, December 3, 2012

Closet Organization

I was searching around for some organizational ideas when I came across this. I was drawn to the organization tags.
These were made from a CD label template and glued to cardboard much like one from a cereal box. I loved the idea but wanted to change it up a bit. Instead of labeling my tags by day I wanted to label them by the type of garment (cardigan, shirts, dresses...). That is how I have my closet arranged already and I knew this would make searching through my closet that much easier. So I began crafting.

It was a little time consuming. I spent a long time trying to decide how I wanted to design my tags. This was well worth it. It will take less time finding clothes in the morning as well as less time keeping my closet organized when putting laundry away.

Helpful Tips:
~ I used Microsoft Word and opened a template for a CD label.
~ I found my own designs I wanted and saved them to my computer and inserted them as a picture onto the labels.
~ I printed on regular printer paper.
~ I cut a slit in the bottom to get it to fit over the bar.

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