Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easy Time Fillers

Situation: You are in class and your students have finished their work and it is too early to start the next subject but you have nothing else for them to do. They are starting to become noisy and rowdy. You don't want a teacher or the principal to walk by your classroom and think you can't handle the classroom.

Solution: Easy time fillers that need little to no preparation.
1. Have students clean out their desks. Students desks will always need some straightening up and students are thrilled to be given time to do so.
2. Have students read quietly in their seats. Find a nice part of the room where you think a child would like to read and tell the class you will be looking for the quietest reader to sit there. You will be amazed at how quiet a room can get.
3. Give students a writing prompt. Give students a writing prompt. Simply write it on the board. It can have to do with what they are learning about, the season, or an upcoming holiday. I find students really enjoy ones they have to complete like "It was a snow day, we were sledding down the icy hill when all of a sudden...." Let students know the best workers will be able to share their work and you are guarenteed a quiet classroom.

These are just a few easy time fillers I have used in the classroom in every grade. It helps give you 15-20 minutes of quiet especially if you need time to set anything up for the following lessons.

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