Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Book Review

I recently posted about this book in a prior post.
I have been reading and highlighting, reading and highlighting every minute I've been free. I have about 4 chapters left but I couldn't wait to finish it to tell you how wonderful I think this book is. This book has insider tips, example answers to challenging interview questions, and provides the ins and outs of all kinds of interview structures and procedures.

Three things I have learned so far from this book:
1. In previous interviews, I wasn't answering questions with a student centered focus. I was just trying to impress the interviewer and hoping they would like me. 
2. Administrators and principals are not interviewing you to see if they like you to put you in their school. They are looking for the perfect fit to educate their students. 
3. My answers to questions in interviews were too short in my attempt not to ramble. 

I think any teacher trying to get a job in this tough market can walk away learning something from this book. (The author of this book has no idea who I am, I just really enjoyed learning so much and wanted to share!)

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