Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Student Reward System

This week I begin a two week sub placement. I will be filling in for a male teacher going on what I can best describe as a "Paternity Leave". I decided I needed some sort of behavior plan that I could quickly establish that was easy and could work for a short term like two weeks.

You will need index cards and tape along with some sort of reward you want the students to work for at the end of your stay.
Each index card has a letter on it. My reward for the students is popcorn and a movie so on each card I write one letter to complete that phrase. Every time the class is well behaved I flip a letter until they can see the entire phrase/reward. Note that you CAN flip the cards back to the blank side when they misbehave. The end will look something like this:
 This is a great system that works very well. Students should react strongly and positively to a visual such as this.

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