Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Winter Break Recap: {A Trip to World Market}

My mom lives in Rockville, Maryland and this is where I went on the highly anticipated adventure of my week to World Market. I had seen bloggers who lived more in the southern region of the country comment on their trips to the World Market. I immediately hit the store locator on their web site. I found that the northern most store was in Rockville. I live in Pennsylvania so I had to wait until my Christmas visit to see this store.
The best I can describe this store was like a Home Goods/ Pier 1 with a more international and eclectic feel to it.

The store looks super cluttered but is actually quite organized with signs at the top directing you to bathroom items, kitchen, seasonal. We went during the Christmas season so a lot of items in the store were holiday related. I can not wait to return to see what else they have.

Of course I couldn't leave without purchasing some items of my own.

I love love love my choices. If I had more time and money I would have left with a lot more items. Until next time World Market....

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