Monday, January 14, 2013

Making That Money Honey

Today I sit at home unable to go to sub jobs because my car is in the shop. After receiving the call that my car needed coils, wires, and plugs replaced and that the total cost for repairs will be $400, I thought it was time to blog about extra ways to make money as a substitute teacher.

1. Babysit
If you don't know any local families try or You will already be fought over by every family just based on the fact that you are a teacher. Parents will feel instantly comfortable. A night of babysitting can give you 60-100 dollars in your pocket. When you find a great family to babysit for you need to make sure you are on the top of their list. Here are a few tips to get reoccurring jobs:
  • Clean up! Even if a parent says "Oh don't worry about the mess". It never hurts to clean up after you and the kids eat dinner and put the toys away after you play. Parents will come home late and be tired. A tidy home is a great surprise. I would recommend not cleaning up things you didn't touch. Cleaning up old pots and piles may offend parents. 
  • Don't hesitate to run to the dollar store on your way and grab a few coloring books. It's a nice way to distract children from their parents leaving for the night. It's a nice gesture to show you care about the children. 
  • Don't wait for the parents to come to you. Once you set up a nice rapport with the family go ahead and send a quick text/email: "If you two need a night out I happen to be free this Saturday". I have done this many times and ended up getting jobs. Parents are so busy that sometimes they forget to take some time for themselves and go on a date night. 
2. Tutoring
Again, Sittercity and Care have tutoring jobs available to search for. You can earn up to $30 per lesson. It gives you some extra money and extra experience which looks great on that resume.

3. Sell old clothes
Places like Plato's Closet will buy back gently used clothes. They don't always take everything so go donate the rest. Many times you can walk out with $20-30 in your hands.

4. TeachersPayTeachers is a great way to use what you already have an sell it. As a teacher if you have made any of your own worksheets, activities, resources, etc you can upload them to your own online store and sell them! Come see my store here.

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