Monday, January 21, 2013

Home Office: Dreams and Reality

As a teacher, crafter, and blogger a home office can mean many things. And living in a small space can sometimes make me feel like I am a hoarder. I took a day to purge as much as I could and tried to organize my office space.

Right now this is the best I can do for my office space. Considering my space, budget, and STUFF this is what I can do now. My dream office will come in my next phase in life. I hope for a distinct office space and craft area. Here are some office inspiration for the dreamers and hopeful beings like me. 

Closet Offices or the "Cloffice":

 Blue offices: Gives me a sense of calm to look at these

Before I leave you, some office space tips from buzzfeed.

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  1. “…a home office can mean many things.” – That is absolutely true! A home office can mean anything to anyone. In my case, my office space is my safe haven. I consider it my “thinking space”, where I do all the planning for my job. That is why I keep it clean and tidy all the time.

    Clayton Steadham