Monday, September 9, 2013

Make It Monday

I have been in my apartment for a little over two months now. Everything is in it's place but my walls were looking very bare! I traveled to Target scope out some shelves. Shelves are pretty pricey. I knew I could cheat the system and find something more in my budget.

I went to my local thrift store and began the hunt.

I found three shadow box shelves for $3 each. And a one crown molding shelf for $3. That's a total of $12 for shelving!

I couldn't resist changing the color of them. I bought two bottles of grey acrylic paint and began coating them with a cheap sponge brush. You can find the paint and brushes at your local A.C Moore, Michael's and sometimes Walmart. The bottles of paint were less than a dollar each and the brushes are like 50 cents and you can find them in a variety of brush sizes.

Each shelf needed 2-3 coats until I was happy. The paint really doesn't take that long to dry. Don't sit and watch paint dry. Find something else to do in between coats.

I let the last coat dry overnight and began hanging them the next morning.

I first decided where I would place each shelf. I matched up the holes on the back of the shelves with washi tape and then I put the washi tape on the wall where I wanted the shelves. That helped me know where to put the nails on the wall.

It sounds so simple and painless because it was!

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