Friday, September 13, 2013

What's on my lanyard?

Most schools require you to have your ID badge on you at all times. I have mine on a lanyard that I wear around my neck. I have been thinking about switching to something I could easily clip onto any part of my outfit since a lanyard does clash with a cute necklace. For now though, the lanyard works and can actually be quite handy.

My lanyard is a breakaway lanyard which means if I get it caught in something it will break from its clasps and then you can reattach it. It's a wonderful safety feature. This has really saved me. I've got it caught on the corner of a desk. It breaks away off your body instead of pulling your neck down with it. It looks less embarrassing too.

I am a building sub this year so I am constantly in different rooms throughout the day. I have a pen clipped on the lanyard so I have it handy when I need to write something down, help a student, or help grade papers.

I sneak on some bobby pins too. You never know when a hair emergency will occur!

Behind my badge I keep a whistle. The last thing you want as a sub is to have recess duty and have to call an entire grade to line up WITHOUT a whistle.

It may seem like a lot to have on a lanyard but these are a few things that help make my day go smoother if I have them on me at all times.

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