Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

For me, today will be Terrific Tuesday. It's the day that I finally sit down and share some terrific news with you. Most of you know, I started this blog as a daily sub. I subbed for many districts and struggled with the ups and downs of working in different schools and districts on a day to day basis.

About a week before school started, I got a call requesting that I come in for an interview for a building sub position. A lot of districts have building subs. You are placed in one or two schools in a district and you work there every day. You are placed where there is need. You may be filling in for one teacher all day, assisting teachers in their classroom, or hopping from room to room when teachers have meetings during the day. Many times becoming a building sub is a great stepping stone to having your own classroom. Districts are more likely to promote a building sub to a classroom teacher when openings are available. I can happily say I got the job as a building sub in the district I student taught in. I will be in two elementary schools helping out when and where I am needed. It is such a relief to know where I will be working every day and with many teachers and staff I already know.

I will still be bringing fresh tips and ideas from the classrooms I am in. I am excited to share my new journey with all of you!

Everything is possible..!

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