Sunday, September 1, 2013

Things I'm loving.....

As a teacher (substitute or otherwise) I find that the summers help you reconnect. Even though I was a nanny for the summer I was still able to find time to explore new things and hobbies. Here are some things I am currently loving:

1. Fresh Flowers

Since getting my own apartment I have been OBSESSED with having fresh flowers at all times. It's such a simple way to liven up your place things.

Flowers don't need to be expensive. I found this stand in front of someone's house selling sunflowers for $1.00 each! The grocery store always has beautiful arrangements. Produce stores also have great deals. 

2. Baking My Own Bread 

I suppose it's cheating if you use the bread machine but the result is still amazing. My mom gave me this bread maker she owned because she simply wasn't using it. Bread is expensive people, especially is you are getting the whole wheat-multi-grain-12 oat nonsense. I have started making my own pre-made mixes and when we are out of bread, in goes the mix, turn it on and in about three hours we have wonderfully fresh bread. It makes the apartment smell amazing and I know exactly what I'm eating. No unnecessary additives or preservatives. Breakmakers are expensive but I have seen quite a few at thrift shops and Goodwills.

3. Simple Sugars

 Ladies and gentlemen, I can't even deal with how much I love this product. Simple Sugars products are handmade and all natural body and facial scrubs. You can choose from a plethora of scrubs which are to die for! The first time I ordered I got the green tea facial scrub. Green tea is already ridiculously good for you, so its just as amazing right on your skin. It's gentle enough that I can use it every day, which I do because I'm obsessed with it. I even got my boyfriend hooked on the green tea facial scrub. He has crazy dry skin but the scrub has oils in it too which hydrate your skin and make it feel SO soft...but not oily. Does that even make sense?! 

The first body scrub I purchased was the coconut. When I first opened it I had to try very hard not to ingest the scrub because of how good it smelled and because of how much inhaling I was doing. It was so luxurious I couldn't and wouldn't contain myself. Once that was all gone I wanted to try something else from their line. The Simple Sugars Peach body scrub arrived a few days ago at my door and it is just as incredible. I don't know about you all but I HATE-HATE-HATE putting lotion on after I shower. I feel like I have to wait years for it to absorb into my skin before I can put clothes on. With these scrubs, you don't need the moisturizers. It's insane. You will get out of the shower with the oil on your skin and you will be as soft as a know. 

Simple Sugars has NO idea who I am. I just love when I can find a quality product that I can share! Check out their website here.

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