Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Substitute Teacher's Dream

This is a post directed to classroom teachers and a memo to those who will be full time classroom teachers one day. As a substitute teacher, there are some additions to classrooms and plans that would make a sub's time in your classroom a whole lot easier.

1. If you label your cupboards and drawers with numbers it is so much easier to create a sheet stating what materials can be found and in what location. (Example: #12: construction paper)
Plus, it will be easier for you and your students during a day. How many times do you find yourself saying to a student: " Okay the third bottom drawer on the your other not that one...not that one....Jimmy, THE LEFT!" Now your problem can be solved: "Jimmy grab the worksheets from drawer #15". Easy Peasy!

2. I found this on Pinterest and could not find the original location. This is a fantastic idea. Once your classroom is set up take some pictures of the room and zoom in on important areas, add some captions explaining the important aspects and add whatever else your sub will need to know. I have gone into a lot of classrooms and find myself walking around the room while reading lines such as, "look to the right of my desk, there is a empty desk next to that...look for the black tub, next to the black tub is a small grey shelf, behind the grey shelf is the stapler." These photos will be a great help to your substitute teacher and save a lot of time!

sub binder filled with photos!!!!

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