Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY: Spray Painted Furniture

This weekend I was on a mission. A mission to make something adorable. I set my sights on my ugly TV stand.
To create this easy and inexpensive look keep reading!


1. Get yourself some spray paint. Make sure it will adhere to the material you will be spraying. The basic can will spray onto metal, wood, wicker, glass and ceramic finishes. If you will be spraying plastic you will need a different can. Decide what finish you want when the paint dries. Choosing Flat will dry without any sheen. It will look like a basic painted wall. Gloss will have some glisten to it. I haven't tried their Satin ones but I assume they would be shinier than gloss. I used 1 and a half cans of black flat spray paint for this piece of furniture.

I went to Michael's and Walmart for my materials. I found a can of basic spray paint at Michael's was $4.99 and a can from Walmart was $3.67.

2. You will also need to get some sand paper. This will help rough up the surface to help the paint adhere better. You will also smooth out any imperfections you have on your piece of furniture. I got a set of three sheets for about $3.

3. To add some pizzazz to my TV stand I bought some stencils. I grabbed a set from Martha Stewart for $8.99. Pricey for my standards but it came with a lot of great useful stencils AND the back is sticky even after you clean it. This makes it easier when stenciling. Get yourself a  sponge brush and paint for this step. I used some black and white acrylic paint I had laying around and mixed it to make a grey (even though it really looks like white in the pictures!

4. I bought a can of clear varnish spray paint too. This just acts as an extra shield against nicks and scratches. 

Then you have everything you need to begin!

This whole project cost me a little under $23 ( I had a 20% off coupon at Michael's). I still have materials left over. I also went ahead and spray painted plastic drawers.
This is all part of a room makeover. My color scheme is black, grey, white, and yellow. Next weekend I'll be tackling my dresser! Stay Tuned!

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