Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY: Beautify Your Storage

As a teacher and a girl, I always want to try to make things as pretty and/or coordinated as possible. When searching for storage bins and drawers they come in black, white, clear and sometimes a few other colors. Why not take some time to personalize them into one-of-a-kind pieces?

I've seen some ideas on pinterest. I also saw this fantastic filing cabinet while substitute teaching yesterday:
I was able to speak to the wonderful teacher and she said she found self-adhesive shelf liner at T.J Maxx and used that to cover her filing cabinet and other surfaces and bins in her room. I thought it just made the room so much more personalized and her. I left that school and on my way to the nearest T.J Maxx. I was able to find some shelf liner. 30 sq. ft for $5.99. When searching for shelf liner it needs to be self-adhesive. I've seen projects where the back of the liner is not sticky and you need to use glue, tape, or mod-podge but I thought this would be a lot easier.

I found a pink giraffe print. Now, I may not want my life covered in pink giraffe but I really wanted to try out this project. I plan on going back to T.J Maxx when they re-stock their inventory on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays to search for more prints.

I began with my item of choice to cover:
I began cutting my shelf liner and sticking. The beauty in this self-adhesive is you can remove it and replace the liner plenty of times and it remains sticky in case your placement is off.

 I found using an exacto knife was easier to work with. I simply stuck my liner on the drawers and was able to slice off the pieces I didn't want. This did take some time and patience. I recommend using a credit card to smooth out bubbles although I didn't have to do that too much.
Ta-Da! I have a new revamped piece of storage.

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