Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY: Mod Podge

I've really been on a craft kick lately and I don't I hate it. I chose to mod podge. I mod podged (yes, I will use this as a verb) when I was a kid but I hadn't done it in a long time. I didn't realize just HOW easy it is!

I went out to Michael's to get my materials:
I found a wooden letter (my first initial), some scrap book paper. This was a pack of 24 sheets with different prints all in the same color scheme, and MOD PODGE (I hear angels singing whenever I say the words). Just like the spray paint there are different finishes for Mod Podge. I chose satin to give my finished pieces some sheen to them. There was also Matte (would give you a flat finish), Paper, even Sparkle! This also came as a spray paint. For smaller pieces I would recommend the bottle of glue like I used. You won't have the fumes so you can do it inside without passing out or losing brain cells.

With my materials in hand and Oprah's Next Chapter with Carrie Underwood on the television I was ready to get started.
Since the letter C is curved I decided to cut my scrap book paper into 2 inch pieces and strategically laid them on the wood. With a sponge brush you slather the glue onto the wood and place your paper where you want it. I let that take some time to dry (maybe 10 minutes) then I cut around the perimeter of my letter. When that was finished I painted the Mod Podge on the outside of the letter and over the paper. This hardens and gave it a nice shine.

After my night of Mod Podging complete I had finished clothes pins, my big letter C and an iPhone case. I simply covered an old one I had gotten from Five Below. Yay for recycling!!!

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