Monday, February 11, 2013

Classroom Tips

Here are some great ideas from some classrooms I've been in this month!

1. Reading Side-Kicks

 These popsicle sticks with eyes glued on are from a kindergarten classroom. The students call them their reading "side kicks". When they read a book they hold the sticks under the words they are reading to help keep them on track as they go. The students really enjoyed them!

2. Independent Reading Storage

Instead of having students' independent reading books stacked on their desks assign each child a box and a freezer sized zip lock bag. At the beginning of the week let the children fill up their bags. When it is independent reading time allow the students to grab their bags and put them back at the end.

3. Pencil Sharpening Station

 Give the class a designated "sharpening" time. Then make sure to keep freshly sharpened pencils in the sharpened bin for the day. Students can trade their unsharpened pencils for sharpened pencils through out the day. This will save you from the horrid sound of a pencil sharpener all through the day!

These ideas should help keep your day running smoothly. The reading side kicks should help excite young readers!

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