Monday, February 4, 2013

Keep This List Handy

Do you have a birthday coming up this year? Do you know a teacher and don't know what to get them? Are you a teacher and are you ready to treat yourself? Here is a teacher wish list for all price ranges to help enhance a teacher's life.

1. L.L Bean Tote Bags
Price Range: $20-$40
These bags can be monogrammed and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Perfect for lugging all of our teacher "stuff".

2. DYMO Label Maker

Price Range: $29.99-$199.99 This Model: $59.99
I got the label maker shown for Christmas and I really do love it. It has made labeling storage and files much easier and more uniform. It includes a USB cord that allows you to connect to the computer. I was able to use different fonts I had downloaded.

3. Cricut Machine

Price Range: $69.99-$349.00 This Model: On Sale $99.99
This is a cutting machine. It is perfect for cutting letters and images for bulletin boards. They can create stencils. It can cut on your choice of paper, contact paper, and/or fabric. The cricut website has everything you will need including ideas and tons of help! This will be the first thing I treat myself to when I have my own classroom!

4. Vera Bradley Breakaway Lanyard

Price Range: $12.00-$16.00
This is a great gift for a teacher. For safety reasons it is very important to have a breakaway lanyard and for style reasons it is important to have a cute one!

 Coming soon: Great Homeade Teacher Gifts

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