Thursday, February 14, 2013

Teacher Spotlight

I noticed a trend through facebook and instagram the weekend leading up to Valentine's Day. Teachers were preparing, preparing for a WEEK full of Valentine's Day outfits. That's right outfits for the week. We teachers are spunky and get overly excited for most occasions, so we have to do it big and do it right.

My teacher friend Miss B was kind enough to document her outfits for the week of Valentine's Day. She is currently a long term sub for a group of first graders!




Thursday a.k.a Valentine's Day:

Thanks Miss B. !!!! She had a great variety of outfits for the week and all were teacher budget friendly and appropriate!

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  1. That's my cuz right there looking super fashionable! Love the outfits and the inspiration behind each! I think my fav is the big heart sweater! xo