Thursday, February 21, 2013

Real Classrooms, Real Ideas

These tips are from a 3rd grade classroom I was in yesterday. It is a great way to keep a routine going in your classroom. Every day of the week your students will know what they should be doing in the morning. This organization will help you as the teacher know what you need to have prepared for every day of the week. 

 The teacher did the same thing with their S.S.R time:

When it comes to bathroom sign outs their is a sign for a boy and a girl.

When a girl or boy goes to the bathroom they take the sign and put it on their desk. That way only one boy and one girl can go to the bathroom at a time. It can get confusing when there is a sign out sheet and more than one person asks to go to the bathroom. You find yourself asking the whole class "Who just left?" and "Is a boy out? Is a girl out?". With this system you look up by the door frame. If a sign is gone you know a boy or a girl is out. It is much simpler for you and your students to follow.

I will leave you with a tip of my own:

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