Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Teacher is Missing

My good teacher friend Miss G informed me about the best writing prompt ever. This writing prompt works for a substitute teacher OR a teacher planning to be out for the day but doesn't tell his/her students why.

The prompt is  called My Teacher is Missing. Your students have to write about where they think you have gone for the day. Miss G got a funny response from one of her students. A student said she was probably sick in bed watching the Real Housewives of New York.

This prompt is a great activity for a sub to have students do as a funny thing for their teacher to come back to and it takes up some time if you need a time killer. As a teacher it's a great way to assess your students' writing and I'm sure give them something exciting to write about.

Here are some free pre-made prompts from TeachersPayTeachers:

Prompt 1

Prompt 2

Having students simply write their response on lined paper will work just as well especially if you are a sub who doesn't want to carry around copies of worksheets or worry about printing. 

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  1. Additional resource -- read Miss Nelson is Missing to introduce the topic! SUCH a worthwhile buy to carry around in that sub bag of yours. :)